Helping Churches Grow

Last August, Tío Lloyd and I were in the Dominican Republic to gather information of ways families, small groups and churches could help to the Dominican church grow. We put together a DVD and pamphlet outlining projects – some small and some large.  One request was from a very rural church in a community called called Zamba. Zamba appears to be in the middle of nowhere and is reached by travelling on a dusty, dirt road.

z1 pic for thankyou 1 chairs                Zamba wanted 25 plastic chairs to replace chairs in poor repair. (The Lakeshore Spanish Class donated to meet this need.) On a Friday morning in March , we walked with the pastor down the street in Santiago Rodriguez, bought 17 chairs which were delivered to the pastor’s home by a motorcycle taxi driver who made two trips. Then we loaded the pickup truck with eight people and the chairs and drove out to Zamba. The seventeen chairs were added to the 7 already there and another prayer and need was answered.                            Another project was for a church which desperately needs to expand and asked for contributions of a row of cement blocks.  Another group of Canadians was able to leave enough money for 3 rows of blocks.

Yet another church in a barrio called Paraiso (Paradise) wants a roofed area for Sunday School and even as I write people are laying blocks and answering that prayer.

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