Not Your Usual Internet Cafe

This year’s mission trip has meant doing new things. For the first time, I am also doing an on-line seminary course at the same time. Having access to a computer to receive and listen to lectures and write and respond to posts from fellow students has been interesting. In Canada we take many things for granted.

The first week, there was no hydro and, therefore, no internet service.  Then, the second week, I slept in a different community than the team so I could access the internet early each morning while I drank a cup of strong Dominican coffee.  This was a luxury since I could sit on a regular chair at a table and stay on line as long as I needed because the pastor had access in his home.

Worksite            The third week saw me accessing internet from a motorcycle repair shop. Sometimes I stood at the counter and worked. The plus of this position was it was a little bit easier to hear the lecture because I was a couple of feet further from the traffic and street noise.  Other times, I sat in a lawn chair with the computer on a stack of boxes of oil for motorcycles and put the mouse on another box. On the morning with less sun it was easier to see the monitor – less reflection on the screen but more noise.

One of the good things – God works in all things – was the welcome I received from the owner and workers in the shop. When they saw me walking down the street with the computer case, they reached for chairs and set up space for me. I thank God that I have been able to send out all the posts and hear the lectures.

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