Baptismal Waters

Five adults and two children were baptized in a river in the Dominican Republic on a beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon. Two trucks, three or four cars and several motorcycles travelled down narrow hilly roadway to bring members from Navas church to the river.  As those who watched the ceremony sang a hymn about entering the baptismal Baptismal Waters 2waters, the candidates for baptism lined at the river edge. Pastor Gabriel and Pastor Barbara and two associate pastors, Dignorah and Carmen, stood in water almost waist deep to baptize.

Each person was asked questions about their faith and willingness to commit to serve God and was given a brief opportunity to share why they wanted to be baptized.  Then they were helped to walk over the Baptismal Watersstones to a smooth surface and clear water. The first person immersed in the river was Deborah from Canada. There were tears of joy in her eyes. When the second person, Tatia from the Navas church, came up from the water, she raised her hands joyfully and shouted out, “I am His.”

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christ’s resurrection as people chose to die with Christ and be resurrected as new beings through the cleansing of baptism.

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