Where are the boys?

Lloyd pulled in for gas and the attendant asked “Where are the boys?”.  The boys are Alder and Linden and they were in the Dominican Republic with their mom and dad, Brenda and Jason.

Where are the boys 1The past week has been about introducing the boys and their parents to several areas of the Dominican as the family feels called to a longer term mission experience in the country. In 6 days, they visited 13 communities and more churches and pastors. They saw ongoing construction in Mao, Esperanza and Maizal; new experiences included tasting the Where are the boys 2milk and meat of the coconut, seeing how chocolate grows, walking through an open air market, getting a haircut, playing with other children or young people, eating fruit fresh from the tree and singing choruses in worship services.  They ate rice and were delighted when we found a pizza place in Santiago Rodriguez or ice- cream in Monte Cristi.

Part of the orientation involved seeing a variety of needs and opportunities: people who need medicine, churches in various stages of construction, pastors with shovels in their Where are the boys 3hands, churches with out sound systems.  They left behind with families where there children climbing lizard games they had made in Canada, encouragement for pastors and a lot of new friends.

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