Honouring God

This week we met Tita, a young Haitian girl and her grandmother. They were at Pastora Luca’s house, in rural Dominican Republic where the mission team for the week was based. They help clean and cook and serve however possible. Tita does not go to school as she has no papers. She also has a handicap from birth and her wrists do not function properly and are misshapen. This means that Tita cannot clap normally to a worship song and can not tie her shoes etc. But Tita has a nice smile, is pleasant and attends church regularly with her grandmother who is raising her.

During the closing or good by evening service, Tita’s grandmother sang hymns in Creole for everyone and her eyes shone as she praised God in her first language. Tita laughed with delight as she watched her grandmother praising God in Creole.  Blanco, the Haitian neighbour, had a broad smile as well as he listened to the Creole singing.

The next morning Tita and her grandmother rode with us to the church service. When offering was received, the grandmother placed a 50 peso bill in the basket.(She had received a gift of 200 pesos) The poorest person present that morning gave one of the largest offerings. God will reward and honour her faithfulness just as she honours Him.

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