Where’s Lloyd?

Saturday evening, I attended service in Esperanza but Lloyd was not with me. When Ana Ligia introduced me and invited me to greet the congregation, her comment was that she had almost never seen me without Lloyd being close by. Where’s Lloyd? He was on the way to the Santiago airport to pick up someone who is part of a team arriving for a week.

Actually there are lots of times, when you could ask, “Where is Lloyd?”  As I sit in our room and enter this blog, he is down the street sitting at Roberto’s shop watching people go by and talking to Roberto. We need to borrow a tarp to cover luggage in the back of the truck.  There has been rain twice since we arrived.

This evening I will be in a van with the group arriving from Sault Ste Marie but Lloyd will be driving the truck with their luggage.

When a team is involved in teaching crafts with children and women, we are in two different places – he loves to be with the children and I work with the women.  On a Sunday morning, I may be preaching while he is in another area with Children in Sunday School.

Sometimes, I also ask “Where is Lloyd?” One thing we can be sure of, it has something to do with ministry. Perhaps he’ll be somewhere where this blog can be posted.

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