Full Day of Activity

On our first day here in the Dominican Republic, we had a busy and full day. First we organized some of the things we brought. Then Silvia brought us a coffee and bun for breakfast and we ate on the patio – which is the roof of the first floor of the rest of the house.  We enjoy sitting outside for breakfast while the temperature is still pleasant.  Then we took a walk down the street to Roberto’s shop. Lloyd often sits here watching traffic and working out plans and details. This day was different because of Independence Day all the students form the school down the street marched by waving flags etc.

Then we stopped by a house to visit a pastor’s wife and her brother who helps us with driving.

Next stop – we went to change money for pesos and to shop briefly in a store for a couple of items.

After a brief stop back in our room, we went for our noon meal with a family and saw how much the kids had grown. Lloyd helped fry the plantain. This meal ended with a strong cup of Dominican coffee.

Back in our room, we gathered the craft items for the week of ministry in Navas and drove over to see Pastor Gabriel and his family – a drive of a little less than an hour. This family is also growing. We left a baby blanket for the son expected in May, enjoyed papaya and then went by the construction site to see the next phase of work on the church.

Then we drove back to home base in Esperanza. Because of the hills and the curves, the locals do not want us to make this drive at night. It is also easier to see the potholes in daylight.  The day ended with a sandwich on the patio again.

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