And in my Suitcase ….

Do you remember playing a memory game that said and in my suitcase I put and something different for each letter of the alphabet, something that starts with a and something that starts with be etrc. .

in my suitcase pic We are going on a mission to the Dominican Republic and in my suitcase, I put allergy pills, buttons for a bookmark craft, clothespins, discs for a craft and disc with photos, erasers, flowers for a home based business, glue gun and glues sticks, hat to avoid sunburn, insect repellent, jam for breakfast, kleenex, lace for a craft, messages or sermons on my kindle, notes about team members, oil for anointing photos, q-tips, recipe for banana bread to teach a pastor’s wife, soap, tracts, underwear, valentine candy, water container, xtra craft supplies, yarn to make God’s eyes, and zoom lens for the camera.

Of course, I also packed a Spanish language Bible, sweetener for the strong coffee, the beautiful communion set made by our friend Gord, blankets for two new babies, Styrofoam plates for an Easter craft of the empty tomb, my textbooks for the Tyndale course, hospitality gifts and toilet paper and sun-glasses and a jar of peanut butter.

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