A Humble Servant

Humble 2 pastor GabrielI’d like you to meet Pastor Gabriel from the Navas Free Methodist in the Dominican Republic. Gabriel is 26 or 27 years old and has been pastoring for 8 years. Before Gabriel accepted a pastorate, he wanted a wife who felt called to be in ministry with him. He was interested in Wilkenia but she wasn’t sure she was interested in him. They grew up close together and knew each other. Both were living with relatives but not their parents.  God drew them together and finally Wilkenia said yes.

Humble  Gab Wilk baby church              Gabriel is a father of four year Noemi and a son to be born around the first of May. Gabriel loves to study, has finished seminary and been ordained. He now teaches in the seminary and has continues study family counselling. In Navas, he is the pastor of the central church (150 approximately) and overseer of a church plant and al least one other preaching point. He regularly goes with people in the congregation to evangelize in the streets.

Gabriel is a busy person and will often say, “One minute, please”. That means he is gone out to buy fruit, get propane for the stove, pray with someone, open the church or visit someone in the community.  Gabriel loves the Lord, cares for the church family and his own family.  His door is open  and you are always welcome.

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