Do You Speak Spanish?

Lots of us can say si (yes) no (no) bienvenido (welcome) gracias (thanks) and adios (goodbye).  Some of us can count uno, dos y tres – one, two, three.

While you are on a mission trip, a young child comes up to you and you want to ask his or her name. You would like to know what grade he is in school? Does she live with her grandparents or her parents? You want to say God bless you (Dios le bendiga) or Jesus loves you (Jesus te ama). You don’t want the typical learn to speak Spanish book that will teach dos cervezas por favor (two beers, please).

doyouspeak spanish 1A dozen people met last week at Lakeshore Community Church for the first of several classes in Spanish. There was a lot of laughs, attempts at a couple of Spanish jokes, learning how to talk about family, numbers and to sing a song  Yo tengo una amigo que me ama su nombre es Jesus – I have a friend who loves me his name is Jesus.

doyouspeak spanish 2

Classes are fun and everyone responded to Yo quiero aprender and named something they wanted to learn.  Several remember yo quiero from an old Taco Bell commercial. I’m looking forward to next week’s class. Los maestros (teachers) are Barb and Lloyd Peterson.

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