Triple E Event

triple E groupExcitement, Energy and Enthusiasm dominated discussions as seven people met in Pastor Ron’s office in Cedar Community Church to prepare for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Questions included where team members would sleep, what kind of food they might experience, what does a typical day look like, how do we get from one place to another, besides airfare what expenses will we have and what is the fight number? A typical day starts in the home of a Dominican church member where coffee and bread are served. Morning activities include delivering a food pack to needy families getting to know Norma who goes with us as we deliver the food, singing and praying with the families and extending God’s love. Then we gather for the big meal of the day with rice, beans chicken and salad, team devotions and my husband’s’ favourite part of the day – siesta.  The afternoon usually involves the team splitting up and doing a craft and sharing gospel with kids or women’s groups. Throughout the day there could be snacks of cheese ad crackers and or delightful fresh fruit.  Then church services follow and a meal after service before returning to the host home. During service, team members participate, singing, sharing testimony and preaching. Yes, please bring your saxophone and yes, you can use the church’s keyboard.triple E Will Brenda Lena

triple E Barb RonTeam members left with a bandanna, Canadian flag, water bottles, a small specialized dictionary and home work to put to gather a photo album to show Dominicans something of life here and a CD to learn to sing choruses in Spanish.

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