Pipe Cleaners, Pencil Crayons …

Pipe cleaners, pencil crayons, plastic canvas, and paper plates – What do they have in common? They will be in suitcases along with old CDs and DVDs and cord and tissue paper and they will end up in the Dominican Republic. They will be used to tell the story of Easter in children’s and a30 Deb prep craftsladies craft classes. Paper and pipe cleaners form white Easter lilies and symbolize new life after resurrection.   Pencil crayons and glue, paper plates take the shape of an empty tomb. CDs will be transformed to a wall decoration portraying Calvary with crosses of plastic canvas.a07 kids laughting Children will use beads and pipe cleaners to form fish and tell the story of becoming fishers of men. A second craft for children will take the shape of praying hands and include a special prayer on each.

A second thing that these items have in common is that they will be donated by people at their work places, in their churches and used by members of a mission team that will be in the Dominican in b24 RosaMarch.  The third thing they have in common is that a mission team sent out from Open Arms church in Tillsonburg, Ontario will use them in teaching. God uses many things and many people contribute and the Easter story is told over and over.

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