New Year’s Eve

Where were you at midnight on New Year’s Eve? I was in a motel room in Battle Creek because my husband and daughter and son-in-law and I had been to visit my sister in Michigan. The next day a young salesgirl in the mall told us she couldn’t remember the night before except that there was food. How sad.

When I got home there were Facebook messages and pictures from several Dominican churches and a Hispanic church in London.  Many people were celebrating the blessings of 2015 in churches and praying for 2016. new years eveLloyd and I spent one New Year’s Eve in the central church in Esperanza. What a joy!  Four hours of worship, testimony, drama, dance and prayer and a wonderful meal.

This year there are photos of decorations, dance programs, laughter, drama, and special music as part of welcoming the New Year.  Most important there was the opportunity to seek God and His blessings and guidance for 2016. I would like to have been there.


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