Gifts for Jesus

Christmas seems to be about giving and receiving gifts. The first gifts were brought to Jesus by three magi or wise men.   They travelled following a star and came to the stable where the baby Jesus was born and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – precious metal and aromatic resins. They brought these gifts to a king, bowed before him, honored him and worshipped him.

There is also a song of a drummer boy who unlike the wise men had no rich gifts to bring to Jesus. He decided to give what he had; he took his drum and drummed and sang a song for the baby who smiled at him in return.

Are you like the drummer boy?  What have you to offer to Jesus this Christmas? How will you honor the king of kings?  There are so many ways to give to Jesus. In the Dominican Republic, there is a small country church which needs chairs.

gifts for Jesus zamba

Could you and your family give a chair to a small country church in Zamba – $25.00 per chair and their prayer is for 25 chairs.


gifts for Jesus hpThere is a large church in Hatillo Palma which need as a minimum 150 chairs and they are looking at $55.00 a chair. Could your bible study group perhaps provide for two chairs?



gifts for Jesus hmIn Mao, there is a small church which cannot hold all the people who want to attend and they are trying to expand the sanctuary.  One row of concrete blocks for construction costs $150.00?


The church is Christ’s bride and a gift to the church is a gift for Jesus. What gift will you give Jesus this year? It may not be gold or frankincense but maybe you can give a chair or a row of concrete blocks.

For information to help one of these projects, contact us at (Open Arms church)

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