Advent Memories

Advent is a term which means the coming or arrival of something and at this time of year refers to the coming of Christ. The four Sundays adventbefore Christmas are Advent Sundays in the Christian church. Many churches light candles. The first two are usually purple, the third mauve and the fourth, pink and the final candle the Christ candle lit on Christmas Eve is white. (Sometimes other colours are used.) The white candle symbolizes the purity of Christ.

The flyers or ads are promoting chocolate advent calendars. My children had chocolate calendars and each morning they opened a new chocolate.  But we also sat at the dinner table in the evening and lit candles each day of advent. We read a short scripture and prayed together.  As the girls grew, they too read and prayed. This is the memory I cherish.

What kind of memories will you build with your family this advent season?  Will they remember the parties, the gifts, and the chocolate or will they remember this was a time to focus on Christ and prepare to welcome him again.

Start Sunday November 29 th by lighting a candle as a family and read together Jeremiah 33:14-16.

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