Trusting the Translator

Computerized translation is a real blessing; the history of mission work in the Dominican Republic that I have been working on was about 50 pages long and I sent it through a computer translator and in a couple of minutes, I had a complete translation. It certainly saved a lot of time and I am grateful.

trust in translators landl copy  trust in translators work copy

Reading though to check the translation and add a few details was interesting. Last names were often quite interesting: the Browns became Marron (a brown colour); the Blancos became white-  colour reversal happening in those two families. Perhaps something happened with the 1096 crayons that we took in the 2005. A man whose last name was Winter became Invierno and a Workman became a trajabador and the Youngs were jovenes or young people even though one of the Youngs was a father.    Whenever I indicated that a team had left money for a project the translation for “left” was izquierdo as in left hand. One of the trust in translators Blancos copymost interesting was the gratuitous church, a different meaning for “free” than what is intended in the Free Methodist church.

Can you trust the computer for a good translation? Yes, but not a perfect one.

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