An Orderly Account

The Bible book of Luke opens with an explanation of the importance of recording things in an orderly fashion or having an account of what has been seen and heard.   The four gospels tell us who Jesus was, is and what he has done. History is key to understanding who we are and what we believe. God has done wonderful things through the ministry of Canadians connected with the Sarnia church while in the Dominican Republic. Almost 30 years later, much has been forgotten and so I have undertaken to give a account in Spanish for the archives of the Dominican Church.

an orderly account 3

The first team arrived in Esperanza after having been scheduled to three other places and at least one person had to sleep under the table. During the first fourteen years, 110 Canadians went to Esperanza and other places on mission teams. One year the team used parachutes to demonstrate what it was like to be under God’s protection.  A young lad named Joel took a handful of cinnamon hearts popular at Valentine’s day and tossed them in his month and then started to gasp but wouldn’t spit out any of the candy. Another team sat only on one side of the vehicle that took them down the dirt road to Zamba because of the holes in the floorboards and the mud that came splashing into the van.

an orderly account 2Pastor Doug Dawson raised funds for a trip by getting sponsors for his walk from Tillsonburg to Maple Grove camp in Thedford. Another fundraiser saw people pay more than forty dollars for a lemon pie. Barbara gave a brand new skirt and top to Silvana who did the laundry and liked the outfit so much.

an orderly affair

Some of these stories we may want to forget but the fact that in 1999, 1,111 people made a decision for Christ during the VBS and services we want to remember.

More about history in another blog.

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