On Sunday morning, October 25, Cleo, a migrant worker, in SW Ontario was baptized at West Park Church in London, Ontario. Cleo shared in his testimony of his struggles and of God’s pulling him back and calling him to a commitment and of his desire to serve the Lord. Pastor Mario Vaquedano, who is leading a new Spanish language ministry at West Park, baptized his daughter, Belen and another young girl and Cleo.

God has brought many people into Cleo’s life over a period of ten years of coming to Canada to work in agriculture.  People present at the baptism to celebrate with Cleo came from Sarnia, Forest, Thedford, London, Northville and Stratford. Over the years, Cleo asked challenging questions about the Bible of the pastors and missionaries who led in guest worker ministry from six or more churches.

public declaration Cleo Marta

Six people present had visited Cleo and his family in Cuernavaca, Mexico where Cleo’s wife, Marta, also asked questions. Two of those present were also workers from Mexico. Several of those present had opened their homes to Cleo and others for worship, study and fellowship as well as for celebrating Mexican Independence day. Cleo who loves to cook often planned and prepared Mexican food for those celebrations.

Praise God for Cleo’s decisions and give thanks to those who ministered to him over several years. All are part of his decision.

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