Mixed Feelings

Being in Spanish service yesterday was a blessing but also was a little sad. Several of the Mexican migrant workers go back to their families in Mexico in 8 days. There was for them the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye and of anticipating the hugs of family members in Mexico. One gave his cell phone to Tio Lloyd to hold until next year.

mixed feelings Filipe and motherThree of them gave testimony about their experience. Felipe told us how is faith is weak, and weaker in Mexico. Before he came to Canada to work, he had 6 years working in the US and his work companions wanted him to smoke, drink and be involved in things that he did not want to be part of. But since he has been working in Sarnia, he has enjoyed being able to be in church.  Other workers wonder why he never tells a lie and why he never speaks a curse or uses foul language. They ask him why. He encouraged the church to “go and share God’s word with others”.   Arturo spent his first year in our area and although he is not yet a believer he came and enjoyed services and appreciated the way he was treated by church leaders. He too wanted to thank those of the Spanish congregation for what he had learned.

mixed feelings Alejandro Git

Alejandro has about 18 years working on the same farm and 11 coming to services in Sarnia. The first year he came in to town by bicycle (two hours one way) He is so grateful for what he has learned and has been changed as a man. He sheds tears as he has come to realize he did not treat his children well and that they are unsure about loving him. He has become a much gentler man and his really looking forward to seeing two grandsons he has not yet seen. Pray for these men as they return that they keep strong and mend relationships with family.

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