Celebrating 10 Years

Kingsview Free Methodist Church has a childcare sponsorship program for children and youth in the Dominican Republic which began 10 years ago. The plan has grown beyond expectations and now more than 500 children are sponsored. A 10th anniversary celebration took place in Toronto and special guests were Pastora Anglelita Leonardo and Roberto Leonardo who administer the plan in the Dominican Republic. There were lots of hugs and laughter.

celebrating 10 yrs orphanage

Stories of students who had received medical assistance for surgery or who had graduated from university were part of the celebration. The program also provides food for needy families and an orphanage or when special needs arise and assists widows. Many who attended the celebration were sponsors who have visited their children in the Dominican Republic.

celebrating 10 yrs Bishop Angelita

The next day at church Pastora Angelita accepted a plague from Bishop Keith Elford commemorating the work done in the Dominican and Lowell and Lois Brown who are the promoters and initiators of the program were also honored with a plaque. It was a delight for us to see how two people we took on a their first mission trip t the Dominican 15 years ago have been the channel to bless so many children and their families.

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