Count Your Blessings

a07 Lloyd y many Remoliando

An old hymn says, “Count your blessings: name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done”.

Going to the Dominican on a mission experience is seen by some people as a major sacrifice – a giving up of one’s time, of giving up resources to get to the Dominican and of leaving behind things and comforts like a hot shower, a flush toilet and your own bed and twenty four hours per day of electricity. That is all true but there are also incredible blessings.

a11 Barb

Let’s count or list a few: eating a mango freshly picked from the tree, worshipping often in a variety of churches, eating fried cheese, sitting on the roof in the evening feeling whatever fresh air there is.

c46 Esmeralda dancing

There is also watching a group of young teens worship the Lord through dance, Siestas, conversations with pastors and leaders, teaching a craft class or preaching and not using an alarm clock. Some of the greatest blessings come from spending time with people, mentoring, laughing, praying and crying and being part of God’s big family.

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