Photo Fun Time

photo fun whole group minus Karen             Do you have a lot of laughs when you look at old photos? Kids love to see grandparents when they were young and people remember holiday trips and birthday parties and more by looking at old photos. Sometimes you go through pictures to set up a story board of pictures for display at a funeral home when a loved one’s life is being celebrated.   Sometimes photos are key to promoting ministry because after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Some of the pictures have already made it into the church history files of the Dominican F M Church. Often a pastor in seminary had an assignment as part of church history, to write a history of the local church where he or she pastored.

photo fun Vicki testimony Barb translate                Lloyd and I had a binder in our basement for each mission team which went to the DR from 1988 to 2003. Just imagine how many photos and how much space it took. Recently we transferred a lot of the pictures to computer files. We also boxed up a couple of thousand photos to take to the Dominican Republic. Over the years, many of the people we worked with did not have cameras; having a camera for most Dominicans has been part of the last 4– 5 years. (cell phones)

photo fun Lloyd tamping floor

A fun time is planned where several pastors and friends will come together, look at photos, have a lot of laughs, remember people and then they will take home photos of their family and church. There will be a party, fun and food and a cold glass of pop.

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