Promises of Lemonade

Promises of Lemonade 1Looking forward to a tall glass of cool lemonade – no sugar – we add our own sweetener. It is so good, freshly squeezed and with a drop of two of Dominican vanilla. The last glass of that lemonade we drank, we drank as we did a children’s ministry event in Cabia. The children came from school and stopped at the church at 4:30 in the afternoon. Ana Gabriela, a youth worker, helped us as she led the children singing choruses. Then Lloyd told several stories using balloon – stories of Zacchaeus etc.

promises of lemonade 2The special balloon creation was the story that went with two long balloons – two worms or caterpillars which were then shaped into hearts. OH, the power of love to transform! When the two hearts were joined together, we had a butterfly. God’s love transforms ugly worms into a beautiful butterfly. God’s love can and does transform children who do things wrong and makes them into beautiful people. Then we asked how many children wanted to be transformed and prayed with them.

Ana Gabriela helped as the children wrote their names on or coloured the crosses we had brought with us. We left the crayons with her to use on other occasions with the children, drank another glass of lemonade and then drove back to our Dominican home.

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