Two for One Opportunities

tow for one 2

How many times have you felt the need to be in two places as once? Most likely the answer is many.

This week was a lot like that. The calendar was marked for taking someone to the hospital at 9:30 for a medical procedure and to translate anything that was not understood. As my friend dressed in a hospital gown and was getting ready to lie down, my cell phone rang and the voice asked, “Pastora, are you at the hospital?” Yes, I said. “Can you leave the person you are with and go to the fifth floor? There’s an urgent need for translation up there.”

two for one 1               After a brief consultation, I headed to the fifth floor. During the next hour I prayed, answered questions, translated for two different types of therapists, waited while the patient had a shower and then translated for a nurse so the patient could give consent for a medical procedure. In between, I pulled out the cell phone and called Lloyd asking him to go to the third floor in time to drive patient number one back to her home. Two patients on two different floors and two people to meet their needs.

The next day, it happened again but at least this time it was planned for. Lloyd drove to a community to spend four hours in the hospitality centre, handing out pop, delivering the cookies I baked and just having conversation with Mexicans. My task was to go to a community only a half hour from home and be present while a teaching from the Bible. This time I lucked out, I would participate in the barbecue, have a hamburger or sausage and some delicious home-made French fries while chatting with workers for several farms in the area.

It is a wonderful blessing when a couple works together in ministry even when working together means being in different places.

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