Unusual Requests

Alberto, a migrant worker, near Sarnia called to let us know he was going to be transferred to Trenton area. His question, Can you find me a church in that area?  I promised to try but a Spanish speaking church will be very hard to find.

pop can tabs 1             Augustin came into the hospitality centre in Tillsonburg with a request as well. Over the last two or three years, volunteers from the centre have found a combination bugle trumpet with keys, a06 Doug Lloyd camerasprovided clothing, given pop can tabs and other things for Mexico. Augustin took the tabs and his wife made purses which were brought back to Canada for sale. In Sarnia, Adelfo used the tabs to make belts and he will be taking those with him to Mexico when he goes home next week. This year Augustin is looking for a video camera.

a01 Barb Phylis men at tableEight new guys arrived in the centre; it is their first time in Canada. Their questions will be about setting up bank accounts, or buying cell phones or asking whether the clothing is the centre is for them. Ministry takes many forms. The following week, 28 Mexicans came in and some wanted help in contacting the consulate while 4 took home bibles. Extending Christ’s love takes many forms.

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