Working Together

What do about 30 + Guatemalans, Mexicans and Canadians share on the second Sunday of the month? A commonWT 1 soccer space- they all come together at a church in Burford, just a few miles from Brantford. A common interest – they play fútbol or soccer for more than an hour in an open space beside the church. Some watch; others play; sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s is almost too hot to play. They come in cars and vans from Stratford, Burford, Brantford, Sarnia and others communities.

WT 3 men at tables

When the men begin to tire out, everyone goes in the hall of the church. Here women, part of a faithful crew, have been preparing and setting out a meal, decorating tables with candies and with nacho chips in the brims of sombreros. Pastor Paul or Pastor David say a word of greeting and bless the food and then a lot of food disappears in a few short minutes.

Then a guitar comes out; a few choruses are sung and a teaching or devotional from the Bible follows about love, about WT 2 Barb Paulpleasing God. At the end of the time together everyone says good bye shakes hands. Sometimes the Meixcans take left over food to the bunkhouse, or bibles or clothing.

It is amazing that all these activities are the work of one small church family but really it is the work of one spirit and the same spirit. 1 Cor12: 11. No one from Burford church speaks Spanish- others who come translate. Some of the volunteers travel 4 hours round trip to be part of the event. Everyone wants to demonstrate Christ’s love and bring good news and fellowship to migrant workers

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