Open Arms Opens its Arms to Dominican Ministry

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so good. Change concerning supporting missions is regrettable especially if funding for missions ends.  Over a couple of years, first, it was there were no more funds for construction in the Dominican Republic, then no support for team members who went in March, and then no longer accepting donations for Dominican or Mexican missions and finally money sent for a specific project was recalled and returned on request to Canada. Repercussions are felt in the Dominican when funds are no longer available for supporting seminary training, Saturday afternoon Kids clubs, benevolent food hampers for the poor and emergency medical assistance, and supplies for craft classes. Many of you who follow this blog provided part of that support.

open arms 2                As we sought God’s direction, we learned that Open Arms Church supported missions in the Dominican and would and has approved for Barb and I to go to the Dominican this August as part of their ministry. We have worked with Open Arms Church for ten years in Mexican ministry and Dominican ministry and enjoy being part of the Friday Hospitality Centre for migrant workers for four months of each year. I came to the conclusion if I am ministering through Open Arms, it would be wise to move my membership to Open Arms Church. Work continues under the Open Arms church and the witness goes on in the Dominican one of the ends of the earth. We ask for your continued prayer for ministry in the Dominican Republic.

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