I’m His Son

im his son

Not long ago, I was approached and asked if I would baptize a young man that I have known for close to ten years.  He said he remembered me standing by his hospital bed when he was very ill in the hospital. He is so different from that time. Of course, I said YES.

Here is Wilder’s testimony given minutes before he walked into the baptismal tank.

In a few words, I want to explain my decision to be baptised in God’s church by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I just want to dedicate my life to God and give him thanks every Sunday and all the days of my life. I am thankful I am here in a marvellous country after so much suffering in my birth country. I spent a lot of time in depression and used drugs and alcohol to erase the hurt.  But since I gave my life to Christ, he is the one, the only one, to help me erase the pain an change my life completely for the glory of God.

I recognize that God has a plan for my life and that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will guide me all the years of my life.

im his son2

When Wilder came up from the water, his words were “I’m His son.”  What a celebration here and in heaven!

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