River, Tank, Ocean

river tank ocean2It really doesn’t matter where – where a baptism takes place in an ocean, a river near Mao in the Dominican Republic , a tank in a Forest church or a Sarnia church. What matters is making the decision and declaring publicly that Jesus Christ is the Lord of one’s life.

Wilder made that declaration yesterday after much anticipation and much joy. His testimony was powerful because he gave credit to God for the wonderful things he has done in Wilder’s life. His church family celebrated with Wilder as did friends and family. God answers prayer and Wilder is evidence. It did not matter whether Wilder chose to be baptized in the church or in the river. However, he chose a place where people have known him for ten years and where they have prayed for him.  Wilder asked for the vows to be in both English and Spanish. It was also very neat that Wilder chose Father’s day because his heavenly Father has become very special and very real in his life. It was a privilege to be part of the celebration. The complete story of Wilder’s baptism is so special, wait for it in the next blog.

river tank ocean1

I have witnessed baptisms in several places and each one has been a blessing. Two years ago Lloyd and I witnessed 20 people be baptized by Superintendent Victor in a river in Mao. The water was cold but the smiles wonderful on another occasion we witnessed people being baptized in the ocean at Buen Hombre beach in the Dominican Republic.

river tank ocean3

We also witnessed the baptism of a leader of the Spanish language church being baptized in Forest Ontario and later he assisted in baptizing his daughter in Sarnia.

What was common in them all was not a place but the presence of God and the Holy Spirit and the joyous declaration that Jesus is Lord in lives of those baptized.

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