Soccer in the Rain

Soccer in rain 3

There’s an old song by Gene Kelly called singing in the rain that says I’m happy again singing in the rain.   Yesterday about 20 Mexicans and Guatemalans were happy in the rain playing soccer. They are migrant workers from near Brantford ant Stratford who met in Burford at a church for soccer.

On the second Sunday of the month, the church welcomes workers from farms. Although no one speaks Spanish in the church, three Spanish speaking pastors came from Stratford, Brantford and Sarnia. For the first hour and a bit the men play the favourite sport of Latinos – soccer or futbol as they would say it. Then everyone goes inside for fellowship.

Soccer in rain 2

Members of the Burford church prepare and serve a meal for 35 – 50 people. As we enter the church hall, there is chips and popcorn waiting in the rim of Mexican sombreros set out on the tables. There are decorations on the table and a buffet meal is served. Rice and beans and tortillas are always part of the buffet. The men enjoy lots of food and there is conversation and everyone is happy.

Soccer in rain 1                Then a guitar appears and a few choruses are sung and a brief message is shared. There is always translation –whether the message is given in English or Spanish, translation is needed. The guests are the workers but no one in the host church speaks Spanish. Yesterday the message was about storing up treasures in heaven rather than on earth. After another song or two everyone gets ready to go back to their bunkhouse or home. The leftover food is packaged so the mean can take it. There are bibles and tracts always available and clothing donated

Even though it rained, everyone went home happy.

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