Retreat and Renewal

Pastors and missionaries often need to withdraw and be refreshed in the quiet presence of the Lord in a solitary place. Jesus did this often for example withdrawing alone to a mountainside for prayer after feeding the five thousand.

retreat park to riverOne such place is Fullcircle EcoHouse of Prayer in Port Huron, Michigan. This quiet centre is across the street from a beautiful city park maintained by volunteers, is two blocks from the Saint Clair river and has at the back of the house, a garden, a labyrinth and on the side a beautiful fishpond with goldfish etc. This quiet setting facilitates reflection and worship in the presence of God’s creation.

retreat fish pondI spent two days in this place on a personal retreat which had as its key scripture, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man (woman) who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8” Fasting, meditation, listening and prayer and worship filled my hours as I looked out the window at the garden or sat on the small porch drinking in the warm sun and beauty.

retreat Barbs favourite chairJournaling led to delightful conversation with God and to some poetry being written.  A broken branch in the park and a squirrel climbing skyward led to a reflection of Jesus being broken on the cross so that I, in my brokenness, could have access to the heavenly Father and find refuge in Him.

retreat back porch

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