The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?  Lots of people think this way but it could be very dangerous.

In one week in the Dominican Republic, we were reminded that tomorrow does not always come. We learned of the death of five people who were part of three communities about twenty miles apart. Each death impacted profoundly two church communities. In one community, two youth were killed when they were thrown from the Pastor’s motorcycle. Imagine his grief as he survived and they did not. Then a youth from another community and church family was one of two people also killed in an accident involving motorcycles. The third person was not part of a church but his sister and nieces were from the same church as the person in the second accident.

uncertainty of tomorrow              When the news was received an hour before Sunday evening service, the service became a time of prayer for families and communities. Pastor Ana called her congregation to prayer and fasting and her people made the decision not to cancel an evangelism campaign but rather to dedicate time to reaching youth. “In my Father’ house, are many rooms” said Jesus. But we need Jesus, we need to accepted him as saviour to be able to go to one of those rooms when we are called. The decision to not cancel was a good one as two people accepted the Lord as Saviour the first night of the campaign.

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