Pop Can Tabs

Many of you have been saving pop can tabs and passing them on to me. Then I pass them on to others.

pop can tabs 2 copySome of those tabs have gone to a hospitality centre in Tillsonburg for migrant workers and men took them home to their wives. The next year those tabs came back crocheted into beautiful purses. The purses sell well in Mexico and provide extra income for a family.  I have made sample of crafts with pop tabs crocheted into flowers, into hair bands or decorative belts.

I have also spent time on the computer looking for crafts that use the tabs searching for sites in Spanish. One worker received toque knit by a couple of women in our church for workers. He expressed interest in learning to knit, has done crochet work back home filling in hours in the winter when there is no work.

pop can tabs 1 I found and printed a pattern with diagrams on how to make a man’s belt using the tabs.  The following Sunday when he came to service, I gave him a crochet hook, some strong crochet thread and a jar of pop can tabs. Two weeks later, he proudly showed me the belt he had made and was wearing.

Thank you, everyone who helped by giving us pop can tabs.

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