In His Time

For six months, Tio Lloyd and I have been asking God to open doors for ministry. We know that when a door closes a window or another door opens. We waited and his time 2

Then in the period of a week, we were called to translate for and bring a Mexican migrant worker to the dentist, a woman to the eye specialist, a woman to pick up her tax forms at the Inn of the Good Shepherd, lead a Bible study relating to mothers, bring the sales fliers to a work site for workers who are always looking for deals on  tools to take back to Mexico, and to lead a worship service in Spanish and then drive three of the workers back to their bunkhouse.

Another call came from Pam, who is leading a mission team to Honduras. They have prepared a skit and wanted someone to In his time 1read the script in Spanish while they acted it out. Then I recorded the skit on a cell phone so it can be plugged in and played through a speaker in the churches they visit in Honduras. In a couple of days, the team will pick up from us 7 copies of the specialized dictionary Christian Companion. This dictionary we prepared several years ago as an aid to missionary teams and it has been used in Mexico, several places in the Dominican Republic and now will go into Honduras.

Does it tire us out, yes but it also exhilarates. Isaiah 40:31 tells us that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength and soar like eagles.

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