The Power of Words

In a letter to a Christian friend, a woman writes, “Do you know, do you understand that your words are His words? That your face is His face to someone like me?”  The appeal of the woman to Christians is to be real and to realize they reflect an image of Christ.  Words are extremely powerful and can bring encouragement or devastation to others.  A word used without thinking can set in process a pattern which escalates or which leads to discouragement, defeat and damage.

Dysfunction in families can be the result of hurtful words spoken by a parent to a child. Marriages break down when spirits are crushed by reckless, thoughtless, or demeaning words. Threats disrupt unity in families, in work sites and in churches. Threats rarely produce positive responses.power of words

Wise use of words can bring healing into stressful or complicated situations.  Carefully chosen words give life to those who need a word of encouragement. The tongue or the ability to speak can bring praise to God and support to people.  Gentle words and words spoken in love are like a flame of hope and not like words of evil which curse, destroy or consume.

Let your words be of mercy and love. William Shakespeare wrote “The quality of mercy is twice blessed: it blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”    Let your words be a  blessing and they will bless you as well.

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