Simple Living

Simple Living 3

The discipline of simplicity is liberating. It frees us from concern about what we have and what we need to take care of and enables us to share with others what God has provided. The simple life also enables us to focus more clearly on God.

Simple Living 1

In the Dominican Republic, I have heard Canadians say but they (the Dominicans) have so little and yet they are so happy. Later, those same people recognize that the happiness comes from having God rather than from having things. Churches are not ornate; they are simple and open and contain the basics.

Simple Living 2I experience this same feeling of freedom that simplicity brings. My husband and I live in two rooms where we can make the bed, sweep and clean in a minute, and where choices are easy. If I only have two pair of shoes, deciding which to wear takes little time.  When it is time to go back to Canada, the clothes are covered by three large garbage bags, the windows are closed, the extension cord is put away and the fan goes in another large bag.

Sometimes here in Canada I feel overwhelmed by the things we have. Recently, we have begun clearing things out- old photos, reducing the craft supplies etc. Beside it’s a lot of fun to give a cape to one friend and a DVD player to another.

I quote an old hymn: It’s a gift to be simple; it’s a gift to be free.

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