Balloons for Christ

balloons for christ 3

                Have you ever seen Zacchaeus fly over a fence and go sailing away? Have you seen a Jonah figure swallowed up and inside a transparent balloon whale?   Have you seen a Jesus figure balloon come out from behind the stone at his tomb?   Would these things grab and hold the attention of the young people in your Sunday school or VBS?

balloons for christ 2 Lloyd Peterson was introduced to balloon ministry as part of his preparation for VBS ministry in the streets in the Dominican Republic. Using several children, he prepared and placed on them, the balloon armour of God – helmet breastplate etc. and someone then invited children to use that armour in their daily lives and to know God protects.

balloons for christ 1Soon Lloyd began telling other stories with balloons but found few resources to help him.  So he began developing several stories and has published books on balloon stories of the Bible in both English and Spanish. He has done ballooning workshops in two languages and in three countries – Canada, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Both children and adults are fascinated when Jonah escapes from the whale to go and share God’s word. Others are amazed that the number of fish and loves placed in a basket can multiply. Mexican migrant workers have had a clear Biblical presentation of the death and resurrection of Christ presented with balloons accompanied by the reading of appropriate scripture verses.

If you would like to know more about the books or this ministry, please respond to this blog and we will get back to you.

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