Marleny’s Plea – Can I Help?

marleny can I help 3              The mission team was sitting on the porch at the pastor’s house and Marleny asked, “What are you going to do tomorrow?” Someone replied that we are going to your school and we are going to teach a craft and talk and sing.  We will be stitching cardboard hearts.

¿Peudo ayudarles?  (Can I help you?) And so we began to show her the craft and said if your teacher gives you permission to be out of your class, we would love to have your help.  Marleny, who was then about 10 years old had been helping mission teams before and we knew she could help us with language and explanations if she knew what we were doing. The next morning Marleny joined our team.

Marleny can I help                Many times since, Marleny and my husband Lloyd worked together in children’s ministry and worked with other mission teams telling Bible stories with balloons, crafts, puppets and drama. She was often at the front of the church in Maizal leading the singing, dance group and teaching Sunday school.

Marleny can I help 2 She led the Pastor’s appreciation services for the last couple of years honouring her mother as pastor, decorates for youth evangelism week or for a wedding. She has matured and has the potential to be a pastor in the future.

A common question for her is can I help. This year when Lloyd had a really bad cold, she prepared a pot of soup and she and her husband brought it over on their motorcycle. She asks us to phone her when we came home from ministry in another community so she knows we arrived safely. But the question is changing:  since she has grown so much in ministry, the question now is one we ask, how can we help you?

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