What Could I Do?

Have you been to a missionary presentation, been excited about what you saw and thought I’d like to be part of something like that.  Or thought, I don’t have a passport and I’m not sure I want to leave Canada or I don’t know what I can do.  Remember that nothing is impossible through Christ who strengthens me.

what could I do 2               The Apostle Paul wrote “There are different kinds of gifts… different kinds of service… different kinds of working but the same God works all of them in all men. Debbie did not know she would go door to door greeting people but God enabled her to do so. God wants to use the talent he gave you for His glory. You might be used to mix cement and carry blocks. You might teach English in a local school.  You might animate the local church to keep working. Your testimony might be used to bring someone closer to Jesus.

getting started 2You might teach a craft to children or be part of a first aid clinic.  You might play baseball with local teens. You might teach someone to keep financial records.  Perhaps you could teach how to make a craft. One Dominican woman financed her way to Cuba on mission trips selling home-made candy. God has given you a skill so that you can use it.

What could I do 1               But you say I don’t want to leave Canada. Or you are thinking at the moment you can`t raise the money you need for a trip. There are opportunities to experience mission right here.  There are small churches who would love to have you send a VBS team or to come and do minor repairs on their building – painting.  You might come to a church for a few days and teach a workshop on clown ministry or help a church set up a Facebook page. The possibilities are endless and there are churches here who need encouragement.

Taste and see 3

Contact us if you need information or want to be involved



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