1000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Is that true in ministry?  Ask any photographer and the answer will be yes.

1000 words

Mission teams need photographers. The memories are too precious to forget. But the photos are also an important tool for the missionary. Pictures of a smiling child, a prayer circle around a sick person, before and after pictures of construction are essential to telling the story to a church back home.

But those photos are also a blessing to the local church where your team ministered. They are reminders of times shared in ministry, of the greatness of a God who can send missionaries from thousands of miles to the place where a need exists.

photography as ministry 2Lloyd is often asked for a special photo of a baby dedication, a visit to home, or a wedding in Mexico. He also produced videos on DVD for the migrant workers to take home and share God’s word with their families. On one occasion he took, printed and framed family photos for a family which could never afford photos like this. On another occasion, he framed graduation photos and diplomas which commemorate the finishing of seminary studies or ordination.  The most fun is seeing the smiles on the faces of people who receive prints of their family, their ministry and their church.  Yes, the smile (or tears of appreciation) tells the story much better than a thousand words.

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