Getting Started

How does a mission team become a reality?

getting started 3                Wonderful stories about lives saved, physically and spiritually, tug at your heart and you want to be a part of ministry in the Dominican Republic. But you don’t know where to start.

My husband, Lloyd, and I will meet with you and discuss possibilities, types of ministry and places approved by Dominican Bishop and you can ask us questions about housing, costs, travel and planning etc.  If you decide to join a team or send your own team, we will be your facilitators on the ground in the Dominican Republic.

getting started 2We will meet you at the airport and arrange to get you to the community where you minister. If you are still investigating and want to send a scout, we will show you around. If you are there for a week as a team, we will arrange for housing for you, your food and your local travel needs etc. while in the Dominican. We will communicate with the Bishop and Superintendent about your plans.

getting started 1           In one week, we saw 11 people saved or reconciled to God, provided food for nine families. A mother of five children whose husband is in jail shed tears as she received rice, beans, oil, eggs and many other supplies. Another mother received baby clothes the day before she gave birth. And a ten year old girl hugged a pair of running shoes which would replace the thongs she wore which were two sizes too small. Would you like to be God`s instrument?  Contact Lloyd and Barb Peterson for details at  or follow us at http://bonitabarbara.wordpress,com.

getting started 4

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