What a difference – One Year Later

  •  What a difference 2
  • In late February 2014, Lloyd and I met a young Haitian couple – Rosa and her husband. They lived in a very humble home near Los Uberos church (Dominican Republic) and because there had been no rain, Daniel who works in agriculture was unable to find work. Rosa was three months pregnant and in danger of losing the baby. Rosa needed to go to the hospital and she could not travel on their motorcycle. Lloyd and we took them in a truck to the hospital where Rosa was given two containers of IV and kept overnight.

What a difference 3

When Daniel called the next morning to see if we could take her home in the truck, we were about five minutes away.  Daniel walked over to the truck and then shyly whispered in my ear that they needed three prescriptions filled but had no money. Lloyd and Daniel went to the  pharmacy while i waited with Rosa and then we drove to her home and helped her get settled on a wooden couch with her feet raised.  We promised to stop by before leaving the area the next day. When we stopped, we carried in with us a box of food to last about a week. The Uberos church committed to pray and care for the family.

What a difference 1

One year later, we arrived at the Uberos church and Pastor, Jose Santana indicated he had a surprise for Lloyd and I. In a few minutes, Daniel and Rosa entered with baby Rosa Mari, an alert, strong healthy and contented baby. Smiles lit the parents face. The church had supported the family’ Rains had come and Daniel had work. I held Rosa Mari as she was presented to the Lord that evening.

What a difference a year makes!

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