The Lord Is Good

A week ago I challenged you to taste and see that the Lord is good and that this is true as one learns about being on missions experiences. Debbie was part of a Mission team to the Dominican Republic and tasted several new experiences.

LG talking to person

Debbie tasted for the first time fried cheese and loved it. But what she tasted and experienced at a spiritual level was also a wonderful exercise in seeing that the Lord is good. Being part of a knocking on doors walking through Navas to invite people to a special service, to share a word from scripture and to pray with people was a great experience. Debbie would love to see some of that boldness in Canada. She would gladly do it again.

LG Sun concert Maizal

Another first time experience was an open air concert for a church raising funds for construction. The spirit of worship touched Adele and Debbie as they stood, lifted hands and worshipped even when they did not understand the Spanish. Tasting that evening was part of the same Psalm 34 which says “Glorify the Lord with me. Let us exalt his name together.”

LG benevolent 6 mother 5 kids husband jail            Two others on team saw the impact of sharing food with hungry families. At one home, tears shone in the eyes of a mother of five who was feeding her children on her own.   But the team saw how good God was as that woman and four children accepted the Lord as their saviour.  The food we delivered will last only a few days but the family can taste the spiritual food much longer.

Often we here in Canada provide food for the hungry but we never make contact with the people who receive it. A pastor friend challenged his people to set aside food for a family and then deliver a box of food in person. Giving expresses love and both the giver and receiver have faces and names and love becomes personal

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