Building Families, Supporting Marriage

Churches and Christianity are being attacked through the destruction of the family unit marriage.  However, in certain areas of Latin America, couples who have lived together for years are bringing commitment and stability to their family by becoming married.

BF Amalia Jorge 2015              We witnessed one such marriage in Mexico and celebrated with another couple after the marriage in the Dominican Republic. Both of these couples had been together for 14 years. Parents want to set an example for their children and friends and neighbours.  Although the couple’s relationships have existed for some time, they were as excited as any newlyweds. One church has plans for April weddings of five couples and is seeking sponsors to help the couples.

BF couple who where married

The commitment of the couples is significant. Their decision is public but the commitment is evident in that in the Dominican Republic, the cost for a  wedding – documents and legal process – is 4,000.00 pesos and more if there are children whose names need to be changed or who need to be legalized – 500 pesos each.  Four thousand pesos is about $100.00.   Contact us at if you want to support a couple and their decision to become married rather than continue living together.

It is wonderful to see people that the step up to formalize a relationship and demonstrate commitment to each other and the Lord.

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