Dance as Worship

King David danced and celebrated before the Lord (2nd Samuel 6:13- 22) and his dancing was considered by some as undignified.

dance cindySome people today see dance as undignified and others like David see it as a special way of honouring God.  In the Dominican Republic as in many Hispanic countries, dancing is a beautiful and inspirational form for responding to God. Dance is flowing movement and graceful in nature. Dance costumes may be elaborate yet dignified or be as simple as white shirts for the members of dance group.  Some of the dance costumes used in poorer churches have been provided by Canadian churches. Banners and tambourines are part of the dance ministry.

kids marchingDance may be simply a coordinated march of children following the youth leader in a formation which demonstrated working together as they sang the song Soldiers in the Army of God. In another church, the dance group was joined by Pastor Angelita moving and waving banners to the song Mi Dios es Alegre – My God is Joyful. In other churches, children and young teens danced before the Lord reverently. In a small country church, dance involved two girls, no costumes and music played form a cell phone but God was glorified.

Deb Suri              Suri, a young teen, took time to teach some of the dance moves to Debbie Gilbert, a member of the mission team visiting and worshipping in Suri`s church in Navas.

“Praise him with tambourines and dancing“ (Psalm 150: 4) is real and alive in many churches in the Dominican Republic.

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