Taste and See

David wrote in Psalm 34, “Taste and see that the Lord is good”.  This instruction is an excellent one when considering whether to be or how to be involved in missions overseas.

Taste and see 2             Tasting can take the form of sending a scout on a team. Moses, at God’s command, sent out a man from each tribe to see the promised land and make a report. Leighanne, a young woman spent two weeks in the Dominican Republic seeing how she might fit and had a blessed experience.  A team may be sent to explore an area and learn what the ministry needs are. Is the need for ministry to children in outreach based cell groups for children?

Taste and see 3

Is the need for construction? Is the need for a medical team or a training team for puppet or drama ministry?

B23 food family

Tasting can lead to seeing and becoming part of the actual ministry of the local church and thus involve meeting benevolent needs in a community, training pastoral leaders, street evangelism. A team to Navas learned that helping to meet needs in the community and feed the poor was more exciting for them than the announcement of monies for construction. The blessings were more immediate.

Finally after tasting and seeing, a team or individuals will know what they can do and plan their own unique and God shaped ministry.  If you want to know more about seeing and tasting in the Dominican Republic contact us at lpeterso@ebtech.net and we will answer your questions.

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