400 Eyes

A05 Bill June Debbie sheepHow long does it take to cut out 400 felt eyes, 400 ears and 200 faces and why would anyone want to cut out that many eyes?

Our local church mission team to the Dominican Republic plans to teach as many as 200 children about the Lamb of God. Along with the lesson will be a craft making lambs. Along with the 200 faces and 400 eyes etc., the craft requires 4000 cotton balls for the body of the lambs.   And it took four people more than 3 hours each to do the faces a quarter of the eyes and most of the ears. Seems like a lot of time spent?   Think about it – what would it be like if you tried to cut out all the pieces while the children watched and waited for what they need to make their lamb.

Two other people were counting out and packaging beads for necklaces for women, buttons for a ornament to remember God’s work of creation. For this craft, two team members cut pipe cleaners for the steams, counted out the spools for base of the ornament and the buttons for the flowers and checked that there was enough ribbon and lace to complete the craft.

A08 whole group

Preparation is a big part of making the mission experience a huge success. We want the children with the 200 lambs and the sixty women with ornaments, the bracelets or a craft looking like a stained glass cross to remember that Jesus is the Lamb of God and that the same Jesus died on a cross for their sins and forgiveness.

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