I Long to See You Again

N13 Maimon dinner Gabriel and family                When you haven’t seen someone for a long time, it is easy to say, “I long to see you again.”

The Apostle Paul used those words when he wrote the Romans saying he wished to see them again so that he might make known or communicate to them of a spiritual gift to strengthen them, and to so that he and they might be mutually blessed and encouraged. Going back to Navas is like what Paul described. We long to hear about Pastor Gabriel and his wife’s studies – his for a master degree and her for seminary. As we mentor them, we are all encouraged.  N53 Lloyd teachingWe want to hear about the children’s cell groups and explain that pictures of the Navas kids and teachers are in our Sunday School area back in Sarnia.  We want to see how much the church has grown and visit in the homes of Norma, Mary and Georgina and be animated by their faith.

Paul wrote to Timothy. “I long to see you that I may be filled with joy.” For Paul and Timothy to be together was a joy for both.  C04 people sect 3 Seeing the existing Navas church with standing room only and Sunday School classes in the neighbour’s house is a joy. How much will Kenabreli have grown in a year?  Has the church plant grown under the leadership of Dinorah? How much progress has been made on the building project? So many other questions.

I might say I long to see to have some fired cheese again. Yes, I would, but I would rather see how the teatro negro (Black Theatre) is being used in ministry or to hear how frequently the church in Navas prays for our church in Sarnia.

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