Under Authority

Bishop Cecilio
               Bishop Cecilio

The elders asked of Jesus, “By what authority are you doing these things? … And who gave you this authority?” Matthew 21:23

While in the Dominican Republic, Lloyd and I always place ourselves under the authority of Free Methodist Bishop Cecilio Osorio. We contact him about potential visits and projects and seek his approval. Bishop Cecilio came to see the NHCC mission team that went to Navas in 2013. Bishop Cecilio wrote in late December and again in January to say “as always, we await your arrival and are setting aside a day to meet. We are hoping for a wonderful time of ministry. Thanks for the details you sent. We will see you on Feb 11th.   May God bless you.

a90 Bishop Marina

Bishop Cecilio and his wife Marina are gracious hosts and often serve us sancocho – a soup rich with chunky vegetables and large pieces of meat – two or three different meats in the stew like soup. Sancocho comes from the Spanish word sancochar – to parboil. Bishop Cecilio also supervises Free Methodist ministry in Cuba and he and Marina have led workshops in Cuba. Cecilio teaches in the seminary for pastors and commissioned us to lead a series of workshops for pastors and to write Sunday School curriculum and material for all ages. Bishop Cecilio and Bishop Keith Elford highly respect each other.

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