Casa Peterson – Underneath the Mango Tree

Man1 Barb far                In a James Bond movie, the song underneath the mango tree speaks of sitting under a moonlit sky and watching the moon.

                In Esperanza, the Dominican Republic, Lloyd and I enjoy sitting out on a large patio in the evening under the shadow of a mango tree. We can see the moon and stars, feel the cooler breeze and relax for a few minutes at the end of the day and think about what is happening the next day.

E01a casa Peterson 2

Casa Peterson, our space is the only room on the second floor of a house, and has a huge patio,(the concrete floor is the roof over the rest of the house.  Growing on either side of the house are tall mango trees and if we are in season, we can pick a mango off the tree, wash it and eat.  When the mangos are ripe, they fall on the tin roof making a great thud which could wake you up. Sometimes we take the two chairs outside and have juice and bread for breakfast.

E02 inside casa Casa Peterson has in it a bed, two chairs, a dresser and a table for the laptop computer. Our shower has no shower head and the water is only slightly warm if the sun has been shining on the black tank all day. There is a bar size fridge, a fan and lights but these only work if the hydro is on – which us about  50 % of the time or less.  People climb the outside stairway to our patio and room; they come to chat, to pray and to plan for ministry. Pastors come to be mentored.

Under the mango tree is home.

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